The New Mexico Child Ready Initiative is a multi-faceted program that is reaching out torural and tribal communities to help them become more aware of their abilities to treat the emergently ill or injured child

What is the NM Child Ready Facility Recognition Program?

A program that aims to improve pediatric readiness of all EDs in NM through the development of a community of practice involving pediatric champions from NM EDs.

  • All NM EDs can achieve ANY of the above recognition categories- there is no requirement for pediatric specialists, in-patient care or minimum volume of patients.

A process to recognize pediatric improvement efforts:

  • NM CHILD READY Pediatric Engaged ED (Bronze Level): designated pediatric champion + readiness survey (PRS) (any score)
  • NM CHILD READY Pediatric Ready ED(Silver Level): engaged + PRS >70%
  • NM CHILD READY Pediatric Innovator ED (Gold Level): engaged + PRS >
  • 80% + sharing programs with other EDs

What is the process to participate in NM CHILD READY?

1. Review NM CHILD READY requirements with leadership and determine intent to participate.

2. Complete online application + designate pediatric champion(s) + upload a signed letter of intent.

3. Concurrent announcement of recognition status at quarterly NM CHILD READY meeting- valid for two-years. EMSC to provide certificate/info for dissemination.

4. NOTE: all pediatric champions will have access to community of practice resourcesncluding educational modules, policies/procedures, quality improvement modules,and safety practices.

The New Mexico Child Ready Project is a voluntary recognition program to identify Emergency Departments in New Mexico that have met the criteria set forth to stabilize and/or manage pediatric medical emergencies.

For questions concerning the application process, please contact the NM Emergency Medical Services for Children coordinator at

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