The New Mexico Cancer Council is a collaboration of diverse organizations and individuals who work together to lower the burden of cancer in New Mexico. The goal of the council is to increase access to information, prevention, and treatment of cancer in order to improve the quality of life for New Mexicans.

The Rural Health Equity workgroup is a subcommittee of the New Mexico Cancer Council, made up of volunteers aiming specifically to address health inequities associated with the rural nature of New Mexico and their relation to all aspects of Cancer.

The workgroup focuses on the following:

  • Collaborate with interested parties from rural and frontier communities to encourage the dissemination of cancer-related information and resources available statewide
  • Encourage and support capacity-building within rural and frontier communities through sharing of cancer-related education and advocacy efforts
  • Actively engage with statewide stakeholders to ensure access to rural and frontier communities and accuracy of information and resources
  • Development and distribution of regional infographic maps which provide distances to services, resources in the community, demographics and other useful data
By filling out the following survey, the Rural Health Equity Workgroup can better assess the cancer-related needs of New Mexico.

We are conducting these interviews with individuals across the state of New Mexico. Your responses will be evaluated along with other individuals in your area to identify the needs of the area. Using the information from interviews, the Rural Health Equity workgroup is going to develop infographic maps by region that will contain some burden data as well as cancer-related services and distances to these services. The infographic maps will be distributed throughout the state as an education and awareness tool for patients, caretakers, providers and/or health professionals.

Confidentiality Clause:

Any information obtained during this survey, including name, place of employment, organization represented, etc. will be kept strictly confidential. Responses to the survey questions will remain anonymous.

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