Please complete the survey below. If you are not someone looking for a career, please register in the "other registration" category - this is for people looking for careesr.

Dear STEM Professional, thank you for your engagement in the 2018 STEM Boomerang. It is our intention that this be as valuable an experience as possible. We have a small staff, so there are limits to what we can do - but we will have webinars about career choices and opportunities here in New Mexico. Webinars will be announced and will be on zoom. The meeting ID is 505-321-8498 and the url is We will have them available on our website after the webinars.

Registration is in 2 parts. 1. The survey where you upload your cv and 2. Marketplace, where you complete your registration payment.

The draft program will be on our webpage soon - we are just waiting to confirm some additional speakers. There will be a reception Dec 19 and a meeting all day Dec 20.

After November 15, we will share only cvs of registered participants with companies, so please register early.

When you register, upload your cv (if we don’t already have it). If companies ask for your resume, we wil let you know by email. If you have not filled out a participant survey, please do that at

We were planning to have a $40 registration. However, we received enough donations to allow this to be free to participants. If you want to donate $40 to help with travel for other students, that would be great.

Last year’s STEM Boomerang was very successful in terms of placements and ongoing career connections. If you know someone else who would love to find career options in our beautiful state, please let them know - but I'd like to have everyone register in the next 2 weeks (by Thanksgiving).

Finally, this has been a great event - it is highly innovative - and has been quite valuable for participants. This is the last time I will be running it. We are looking for a good succession plan for STEM Boomerang - so if you have an interest in this, let us know.

Take care and we'll see you very soon. Maggie and Lupe and the STEM Boomerang Team

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